3 Super Mainstream Restaurants At Yogyakarta That You’ll Found Everywhere (Part 1)

Hey bro, whats up?

I know you know Yogyakarta. And i know you already have been there. And i know you miss Yogyakarta already. But, bet no my ass, you must be miss these 3 super mainstream restaurant that you’ll found everywhere. What is that? Let me tell you!

First, this is what we call: Super Sambal. Yap, Super Sambal!

Super Sambal (SS)

Super Sambal is what the mainstream really talking about in Yogyakarta. When you go to Yogyakarta, i can guarantee that at some point, you will meet this restaurant. So many restaurant with this name, and maybe you will get sick of it. Too much Super sambal, you’ll say.

How not? In Yogyakarta, there is countless restaurant like this. Super Sambal or SS is a symbol of delicious food in Yogyakarta. Even you can find SS in other city, but still, you’ll only found the true SS in Yogyakarta. Why? Because Yogyakarta is the place where SS born.

And, what is SS contain actually? I’ll show you.

In SS, we could find a lot of ‘jajanan ndeso’ or in english we could say village snack, haha. What is ‘jajanan ndeso’? Something like wader goreng, egg gombal-gambul, chicken, and also some spicy seasoning that will make your mouth full of taste that you will love!

Let me show you the pic:

egg gombal-gambul at spesial sambal
telur gombal gambul at SS
wader goreng at spesial sambal
wader goreng at ss
Spice of Super Sambal or SS in Yogyakarta
and finally, this is what special about SS: Spice!

As one of the most mainstream food place at Yogyakarta, off course we will see food at SS is not so special. Yes, i know, but somehow, when we confuse about place to eat, SS is the most commonly answer that we know. What, you don’t trust me? Why don’t you try to ask someone in Yogya street, about what good place to eat. Cheap but good. One of five, they will answer Special Sambal.

Okey, so there is one mainstream place to eat at Yogyakarta. What about the other two? Wait for next article!

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