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Getting closer with the ERP solution provider

Global Sukses Solusi was established in 2010, which since 2013 specializes in providing solutions in the form of ERP software for medium to large scale businesses in the Manufacture, Distribution and Trade Industry, and Services.

In 2014 Global Sukses Solusi transformed into PT. Global Sukses Solusi so that all solutions and services can be maximized. In 2014, RUNSystem participated in the 2014 Indigo Incubator program held by PT. Telkom Indonesia so that RUNSystem gets full support from PT. Telkom Indonesia, Tbk in the context of developing products and services. 2015 became a momentum where PT. Telkom Indonesia is one of the Business Partners as a distribution Partner RUN System as an ERP solution to all customers of PT. Telkom Indonesia in Indonesia. This collaboration is expected to improve service quality to customers where it is possible to synergize resources and services owned by PT. Telkom Indonesia into the RUNSystem service and vice versa

With the experience of the team members as members of senior management and C-Level for years, we have tried to see from the perspective of the business owner and executive level in every product and service offered.

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