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Have you ever wondered about international trade logistic?

Have you ever hear FOB, CNF, CIF, and do not know shit about it?

I have some blog post that may help you. I published it in

I hope you enjoy it and come to visit my blog post at there: FOB, CNF, and CIF.

Kubenci Realita: New Post From Sastranesia

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How do you feel today? Better? I just want to say that i just made a new blog post at my main site:

I know you must be read this blog much, right? Right? Right?

And yes, today i post one fanmade poem that sent to my email. I really like the poem. I think you will like it too.

What, you don’t believe me? Why don’t you see it yourself?

My new blog post is in there: Kubenci Realita.

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Production Capacity

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Today i just post my newest blog post at my favorite site:

Today’s posting is about production capacity, what is that and what benefit of company will have if they know their production capacity.

I hope you could get something new by reading my blog. Don’t hesitate to visit my newest post at here: Production Capacity.


Jummah Speech 22-4-16

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I just posted a new blogpost at my personal blog:

Today’s posting is about what lesson i learn in Jummah speech at 22-4-16. I gain so much and i want to share it with all my bro here.

Off course, i wrote it in Bahasa Indonesia. Don’t hesitate to visit my newest blogpost here.

A Letter For Those Die Hard Fans

Hey bro, i just posted a new blog post on my wordpress about football fans (and other sports, actually). If you want, you can just visit my wordpress blog and enjoy my post. I write it in Bahasa. Wait for my another blog post that may interest you.

You could visit my newest post here:

Tulisan Untuk Fans Senior

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