Design Little Stuff

Sometimes, i enjoy myself as a amateur designer. My design is not perfect, but still not hurt to see. I design poster, pamphlet, magazine, website, body wear, etc. This is pure my hobby. I don’t think i can make money of it. 🙂

Book Layouter

Sometimes, i help my friends to design their books. Not much, but still i have a lot of happiness while doing that. When i do layouting, some points that i keep eye on is: book cover, page margin, spacing, page number, and also opening section. I am not professional at this, but still i think i am pretty good at it, hehe.

Finish Good Asia

After working in ERP, i think i starting to like business more. So i decided to made this site. Cute, isn’t it?

My Book

Fortunately i write some books even only some page. Yea, not all, only a little part of book actually, but still i have a little proud of this.

Welcome To My Site

Welcome to my official site. Here, you could find everything you need to know about me. My work, my social media, all here!

At a Glance About Me

Right now i am working as ERP implementer. Beside that, i also write some fiction that you may enjoyed. I also developing some sites, including and Visit them sometimes if you have much time.