My Book

Fortunately i write some books even only some page. Yea, not all, only a little part of book actually, but still i have a little proud of this.

Welcome To My Site

Welcome to my official site. Here, you could find everything you need to know about me. My work, my social media, all here!

At a Glance About Me

Right now i am working as ERP implementer. Beside that, i also write some fiction that you may enjoyed. I also developing some sites, including and Visit them sometimes if you have much time.



Hey bro!

Have you ever wondered about international trade logistic?

Have you ever hear FOB, CNF, CIF, and do not know shit about it?

I have some blog post that may help you. I published it in

I hope you enjoy it and come to visit my blog post at there: FOB, CNF, and CIF.

Kubenci Realita: New Post From Sastranesia

Hello bro!

How do you feel today? Better? I just want to say that i just made a new blog post at my main site:

I know you must be read this blog much, right? Right? Right?

And yes, today i post one fanmade poem that sent to my email. I really like the poem. I think you will like it too.

What, you don’t believe me? Why don’t you see it yourself?

My new blog post is in there: Kubenci Realita.

Cheers bro!

Production Capacity

What’s Up Bro!

Today i just post my newest blog post at my favorite site:

Today’s posting is about production capacity, what is that and what benefit of company will have if they know their production capacity.

I hope you could get something new by reading my blog. Don’t hesitate to visit my newest post at here: Production Capacity.


Jummah Speech 22-4-16

Hello bro,

I just posted a new blogpost at my personal blog:

Today’s posting is about what lesson i learn in Jummah speech at 22-4-16. I gain so much and i want to share it with all my bro here.

Off course, i wrote it in Bahasa Indonesia. Don’t hesitate to visit my newest blogpost here.

A Letter For Those Die Hard Fans

Hey bro, i just posted a new blog post on my wordpress about football fans (and other sports, actually). If you want, you can just visit my wordpress blog and enjoy my post. I write it in Bahasa. Wait for my another blog post that may interest you.

You could visit my newest post here:

Tulisan Untuk Fans Senior

Thanks and Regards,

Agfian Muntaha, a blog writer who still learn to compose a nice words.