Design Little Stuff

Sometimes, i enjoy myself as a amateur designer. My design is not perfect, but still not hurt to see. I design poster, pamphlet, magazine, website, body wear, etc. This is pure my hobby. I don’t think i can make money of it. 🙂

Book Layouter

Sometimes, i help my friends to design their books. Not much, but still i have a lot of happiness while doing that. When i do layouting, some points that i keep eye on is: book cover, page margin, spacing, page number, and also opening section. I am not professional at this, but still i think i am pretty good at it, hehe.

Finish Good Asia

After working in ERP, i think i starting to like business more. So i decided to made this site. Cute, isn’t it?

My Book

Fortunately i write some books even only some page. Yea, not all, only a little part of book actually, but still i have a little proud of this.