Price List of Notebook In Yogyakarta For 2016 May

Hey bro, whats up? Today i will share general price list of notebook in Yogyakarta for 2016 May. There is a lot Notebook’s variant that spread in Indonesia nowadays. So i think it would become difficult decision to make this time. In Yogyakarta, the choice of Notebook is genuinely mandatory. So, let’s decided wisely.

And here it comes, general price list of Notebook in Yogyakarta For 2016 May:

X200MA-KX636D N2840/500/2GB/DOS/WHITE/11.6″/DOS 2,950,000
X200MA-KX639D N2840/500/2GB/DOS/PINK/11.6″ /DOS 2,950,000
X200MA-KX637D N2840/500/2GB/DOS/BLACK/11.6″/DOS 2,950,000
X200MA-KX638D N2840/500/2GB/DOS/BLUE/11.6″/DOS 2,950,000
X453SA-WX001/2D N3050/500GB/2GB/BLACK/14″/DVD RW/BLACK/WHITE/ DOS NEW 3,450,000
X453SA-WX003/4D N3050/500GB/2GB/BLACK/14″/DVD RW/RED/PURPLEDOS NEW 3,450,000
X454WA-WX025D E1-6010/2GB/500/VGA R2 SHARE/14″/DVD RW/DOS 3,450,000
X454YA-WX101D E1-7010/2GB/500/VGA R2 SHARE/14″/DVD RW/DOS 3,450,000
X455LA-WX401D i3-4005U/500/2GB/DOS/BLACK/14″/DVD RW/DOS 4,700,000
A455LF-WX049D I3 4005U/2GB/500/GF 930-2GB/BLACK/14″/DVD RW/DOS 5,500,000
A455LF-WX039D I5 5200/4GB/500/GF 930-2GB/14″/DVD RW/BLACK/DOS 7,000,000
X450JB-WX001D 17 4720HQ/4GB/500GB/VGA GT 940 2GB/14″/DVD RW/DOS/BLACK 9,300,000
A455LB-WX034D 17 5500/ 4GB / 1TB / VGA 940M 2GB/ 14″ / BLACK /DOS 9,350,000
X550JX-XX187/031 i7 4720HQ/ITB/4GB/VGA GTX 950 2GB 2GB/15.6″/DVD RW/ DOS 9,950,000
IDEAPAD 300S-051D/061D/ CELERON N3050/RAM 2GB/500GB/11.6″/BLACK/WHITE/DOS 3,075,000
IDEAPAD 300S-36ID/ QUAD CORE N3050/RAM 2GB/500GB/11.6″/WIN 10/WHITE 3,200,000
G40-30-6FID/2840/2GB/500/14/DOS/DVD RW/ BLACK 3,150,000
G40-30-F8ID/2840/2GB/500/14/WIN 8.1/DVD RW 3,600,000
G40-45-8BID/A8 6410/4GB/500GB/R5 SHARE/14″/DVD RW /DOS promo 3,950,000
G40-45-63ID/A8 6410/4GB/500GB/VGA R5 330 2GB/DVD RW/DOS/BLACK 4,600,000
G40-80-VBID/VCID/ I3 5005U/2GB/500GB/14″/BLACK/RED/DOS 4,700,000
G40-80-4TID/ I3 4030U/4GB/500GB/14″/RED/DOS 4,850,000
B40-80-OPID/ I3 4030U/2GB/500/ VGA M330 2GB /14″/DOS/DVD RW 5,000,000
IP300-8GID/8FID/ I5 6200U/4GB/500GB/VGA R5 M330 2GB/14″/DOS/BLACK / SILVER 6,850,000
IP500S-60ID/61ID/5XID/ I5 6200U/4GB/1TB/NVG 940 2GB/WIN 10/14″ FHD/BLACK/RED/SILVER 8,800,000
U41-70 5JID/5LID/5PID/17 5500U/4GB/1TB/NVG GT940M 2GB/14″/RED/BLACK/SILVER 9,400,000
HP 14-AC001/2/3/TU/N3050/2GB/500/14″/DOS/DVD RW/ BLACK/SILVER 3,250,000
HP 14-G102AU/ AMD A4 5000/2GB/500GB/DOS/DVD RW/ BLACK/RADEON HD 8330 3,350,000
HP 14-G008AU/AMD A8 6410 /2GB/500/14″/DOS/VGA R5 SHARE /DVD RW/ BLACK 3,950,000
HP 14-AC004TX/I3 4005U/2GB/HD 500GB/DVD RW /14″/RADEON R5 M330 2GB /SILVER 5,000,000
HP 14-R201TX/ I5 5200U/2GB/HD 500GB/DVD RW /14″/ GF GT 820M 2GB 6,250,000
ACER ES1-131/N3050/2GB/HD500/11.6″/BLACK/win 10 64BIT PROMO 3,200,000
ACER Z1402/ N2957/2GB/500GB/DVD RW/DOS/14″/ BACK 3,550,000
ACER Z1402 -36GR/I3-5005U/2GB/500GB/DVD RW/DOS/14″ 4,800,000
CJMD825/ATOM D1.8/2GB/500GB/10″/DOS/BLACK 2,350,000
TKMC125/N2820/2GB/500GB/WIBT/11.6″/BLUE/RED/GOLD/GREY/SILVER 2,800,000
TNHC525X/B/D/5/N2807/2GB/500GB/WIFI/14″/BLACK/SILVER/BLUE/RED 3,000,000


So yes my bro, that’s all notebook price list in Yogyakarta for May 2016 that i can give you at this time. You can search in each specification of notebook which i already made a simple list on that. What do you think? Do you think this post is helpful? Let me know in the comment section. Have a good night and see ya!

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